Alfred The Great Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

01/01/1970   -   26/10/0899

Alfred the Great was the King of the southern Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex from 871 to 899. This biography of Alfred the Great provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline

Alfred The Great Biography, Facts and Family

  • Born: 849
  • Famous: Leaders
  • Died At Age: 50
  • Also Known As: Alfred
  • Born Country: England
  • Born In: Wantage, United Kingdom
  • Famous As: King Of Wessex
  • Spouse/Ex-: Ealhswith
  • Father: Æthelwulf Of Wessex
  • Mother: Osburh
  • Siblings: Æthelbald, King Of Wessex, Æthelberht, King Of Wessex, Æthelred I, King Of Wessex, Æthelswith
  • Children:
    1. Edmund Alfred The Great
    2. Edward The Elder
    3. Elfleda
    4. Ælfthryth
    5. Countess Of Flanders
    6. Æthelflæd
    7. Æthelgifu
    8. Abbess Of Shaftesbury
    9. Æthelweard
  • Died On: October 26, 899
  • Founder/Co-Founder: Royal Navy
  • Bio: Alfred The Great Was The King Of The Southern Anglo-Saxon Kingdom Of Wessex From 871 To 899. This Biography Of Alfred The Great Provides Detailed Information About His Childhood, Life, Achievements, Works & Timeline