Caligula Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

Caligula 31/08/0012   -   24/01/2041
Caligula was the 3rd Emperor of Roman Empire. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline

Caligula Biography, Facts and Family

  • Famous: Emperors & Kings
  • Died At Age: 28
  • Sun Sign: Virgo
  • Also Known As: Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus
  • Born Country: Roman Empire
  • Born In: Anzio, Italy
  • Famous As: Roman Emperor
  • Spouse/Ex-: Junia Claudillam (33AD–34AD), Livia Orestillam (37AD–37AD), Lollia Paulinam (38AD–38AD), Milonia Caesonia (m. 39 AD–41 AD)
  • Father: Germanicus
  • Mother: Agrippina The Elder
  • Siblings: Agrippina The Younger, Drusus Caesar, Julia Drusilla, Julia Livilla, Nero Julius Caesar
  • Children: Julia Drusilla
  • Died On: January 24, 41
  • Place Of Death: Palatine Hill
  • Cause Of Death: Assassination
  • Founder/Co-Founder: Legio XXII Primigenia
  • Bio: Caligula Was The 3rd Emperor Of Roman Empire. Check Out This Biography To Know About His Childhood, Life, Achievements, Works & Timeline