Famous Panamas Biography, Family, Children

Ricardo Martinelli

Former President of Panama

Ricardo Martinelli is a Panamanian politician and businessman. This biography profiles hic childhood, life, political career, achievements and timeline

Born: 11 March 1952/ Panamanian

Manuel Noriega

Former Panamanian Dictator

Manuel Noriega was a Panamanian dictator, who ruled Panama as military dictator from 1983 to 1989. This biography profiles his childhood, life, military career, achievements and timeline

Born: 11 February 1934/ Panamanian

Guillermo Endara

Guillermo Endara, was the President of Panama who was renowned for his efforts to establish democracy in the country. To know more about his childhood, profile career and timeline read on

Born: 12 May 1936/ Panamanian

Rubén Blades

Panamanian singer
Born: 16 July 1948/ Panamanian

Manuel Solís Palma

Panamanian politician
Born: 03 December 1917/ Panamanian

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