Subutai Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

01/01/1970   -   01/06/2023

Subutai was a general who served under the legendary Mongol leader Genghis Khan. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him.

Subutai Biography, Facts and Family

  • Born: 1175
  • Famous: Male Leaders
  • Died At Age: 73
  • Also Known As: Subetei, Subetai, Subotai, Tsubotai, Tsubodai, Tsubetei, Tsubatai, Sübeedei, Sübügätäi, Sübü'ätäi
  • Born Country: Mongolia
  • Born In: Burkhan Khaldun, Mongolia
  • Famous As: Military Leader
  • Spouse/Ex-: Khatun, Tangzi Khatun, Tenzii Khatun, Yangdai, Zainshi Khatun
  • Father: Jarchigudai
  • Siblings: Jelme
  • Children:
    1. Tangzei Khan
    2. Tengziin Of China
    3. Tsenzai
    4. Ulanqatai
    5. Uriyangkhadai
    6. Wengzi
  • Died On: 1248
  • Place Of Death: Tuul River, Mongolia
  • Bio: Subutai Was A General Who Served Under The Legendary Mongol Leader Genghis Khan. Check Out This Biography To Know About His Birthday, Childhood, Family Life, Achievements And Fun Facts About Him.