Virgil Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

Virgil 15/10/0070   -   01/01/1970
Virgil was a well-known ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and other facts related to his life.

Virgil Biography, Facts and Family

  • Famous: Poets
  • Died At Age: 51
  • Sun Sign: Libra
  • Born In: Virgilio, Lombardy
  • Famous As: Poet
  • Died On: September 21, 19 BC
  • Place Of Death: Brindisi
  • Bio: Virgil Was A Well-known Ancient Roman Poet Of The Augustan Period. Check Out This Biography To Know About His Childhood, Family Life, Achievements And Other Facts Related To His Life.