Yung Lean Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

Yung Lean is a Swedish rapper, songwriter, fashion designer and record producer. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him.

Yung Lean Biography, Facts and Family

  • Famous: Record Producers
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Also Known As: Jonatan Aron Leandoer HÃ¥stad, Yung Leandoer
  • Born In: Stockholm
  • Famous As: Rapper, Songwriter, Fashion Designer, Record Producer
  • Height: 5'9" (175 Cm), 5'9" Males
  • Father: Kristoffer Leandoer
  • Mother: Elsa HÃ¥stad
  • City: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Bio: Yung Lean Is A Swedish Rapper, Songwriter, Fashion Designer And Record Producer. Check Out This Biography To Know About His Birthday, Childhood, Family Life, Achievements And Fun Facts About Him.