Jasur Name Meaning in English

What does the name Jasur mean? What is the meaning of the name Jasur, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion.

Jasur is an Arabic name for boys meaning One of great courage. Read below for Jasur's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Jasur is the one, congratulations!

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Meaning: Brave, bold, Courageous, valiant

Jasur Name Meaning, Origin & Details

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Explore a curated lists of 2024 Muslim boy names, including variations starting with J and JA, as well as those ending with R and UR all with profound meanings reminiscent of Jasur, such as the compelling Brave, bold, courageous, valiant.

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Below names are with similar meaning as Brave, bold, courageous, valiant. Explore the list below for names that not only share a similar meaning to "Brave, bold, courageous, valiant" but also encapsulate the essence and significance associated with the name "Jasur."

List of the name that have meanings Brave, bold, courageous, valiant

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Jasur Name Meaning in Urdu

How do you write your name Jasur in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla ?
(Jasur pronunciation in different languages)

How to write Jasur in Urdu ?جسر

How to write Jasur in Hindi ?जसूर

How to write Jasur in Arabic ?جسور,جاسور

How to write Jasur in Bangla ?জাসুর

Jasur Name Lucky Number

Values foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth
Numerology 4 provides skills about understanding a thing. These people are more realistic. They can run and manage some business more effectively.

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What Does Name Jasur Mean?

Jasur is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Jasur name meanings is Brave, bold, courageous, valiant. Jasur is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as جسر, जसूर, جسور,جاسور, জাসুর. Other similar sounding names can be Jaser, Jasham, Jasim, Jasim ud din, Jasir, Jasiyah, Jasmir, Jasoor, Jassar, Jaseena, Jasia, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasmine, Jasrah, Jassia.

Jasur Name Numerology And Personality

Jasur has the numerology 4. These people are always trying new things and that is why they are known to be struggling against all the limits that are put in front of them. They do not let anything stop them and they literally fight with everything that comes their way.

The people with numerology 4 are one of a kind because they are very different from normal people. The gender of this name Jasur is Boy. They are the ones who know the value of foundation. They are also very kind with their services and they generally like to help people.

They also do not believe in jumping to the top and coming down quickly rather they believe in steady growth in every aspect. The meaning of this beautiful name is Brave, bold, courageous, valiant. The religion is Muslim. These are the people who are more prone towards slow growth but the steady one rather than immediately reaching the top and coming to bottom the very next day.

Popular personalities with Jasur Name.

Jasur Hasanov
Jasur Hasanov

Jasur Hasanov is a soccer player for the Lokomotiv Tashkent FK, Sogdiana Jizzakh, Navbahor Namangan, FK Mash'al Mubarek, FC Bunyodkor, Lekhwiya SC, Qatar SC, Emirates Club, and Uzbekistan national football team. Jasur was born on August 2nd, 1983 in Jizzakh.

Jasur Matchanov
Jasur Matchanov

Jasur was born on March 15th, 1984 in Tashkent.

Jasur Gaipov
Jasur Gaipov

Jasur Gaipov is a pop music, rhythm, and blues singing. He has been prominent since 2004. Jasur was given the name Jasur Mansurovich Gaipov on February 25th, 1988 in Tashkent.

Jasur Urunov
Jasur Urunov

Jasur Urunov is an athlete for the FC Yoshlik.

Jasur Khakimov
Jasur Khakimov

Jasur Khakimov is an athlete for the Pakhtakor-2.

Jasur Ahmedov
Jasur Ahmedov

Jasur Ahmedov is an athlete for the PFK Metallurg Bekabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Name Jasur

What does Jasur name mean?

Jasur is one of the most loved baby boy name, its meaning is brave, bold, courageous, valiant, بہادر، دلیر، باہمت.

How to write Jasur in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla?

Well, Jasur can be written in various beautiful fonts in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as جسر, जसूर, جسور,جاسور, জাসুর.

What is the religion of the name Jasur?

The people with name Jasur are mostly known as Muslim.

What is the origin of the name Jasur?

Most of the muslim names are orginated from Arabic origin.

What is the most lucky or favourit stone for Jasur?

The most favourit or lucky stone is یمنی پتحر .

Is the name Jasur difficult to pronounce?

Jasur name has 5 letter and 1 word and it short and easy to pronounce.

Is Jasur name is short?

Absolutely! Jasur is a short name.

What is Jasur name meaning, name religion, origin, lucky number and popularity?

The name Jasur is of Uzbek origin. It is a Muslim name and carries the meaning of "brave," "courageous," or "daring" in Arabic. The lucky number associated with the name Jasur is 9. As for popularity, the exact ranking might vary depending on the source and region.

What is Jasur name pronunciations in different languages?

Jasur is a name that is primarily used in Uzbek and Tajik languages. Here is how it may be pronounced in different languages:1. English: JAH-soor2. Uzbek: Jah-soor (with emphasis on the first syllable)3. Tajik: JAH-soor (with rolling "r" sound)4. Russian: Ya-SOOR (with emphasis on the second syllable and slight "oo" sound)5. Turkish: JAH-soor or JAH-soor (with emphasis on the first syllable)6. Arabic: JAH-soor (with rolling "r" sound)Note: Pronunciation can vary based on accents and regional dialects.

What is main origin of the name Jasur in which religion people mostly like this name?

The name Jasur primarily has its origins in the Uzbek language. It is a Muslim name commonly found among people in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries with Muslim populations. Therefore, it is mostly favored by people practicing Islam or belonging to Muslim communities.

What are meaning of the name Jasur in english language?

The name Jasur does not have a specific meaning in the English language as it is of Uzbek origin.

Describe Jasur name numerology, future prediction by alphabets of name?

Numerology is a belief in the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on various aspects of life, including personality traits and future events. It assigns numerical values to the letters of the alphabet and derives meanings from these numbers.In the case of Jasur, we can analyze the name using Western numerology, which matches numbers from 1 to 9 to the letters A to Z. Here is a breakdown of the numerical values associated with each letter in Jasur:J=1A=1S=1U=3R=9To determine potential information about Jasur's future, we can look at the corresponding traits and tendencies commonly associated with each digit:1: Individuals with 1 as a prominent number in their name numerology tend to possess leadership abilities, independence, and a determined nature. They are often ambitious, assertive, and strive for success in their endeavors. They can excel in careers that require individuality, originality, and a pioneering spirit. In relationships, these individuals may exhibit strong charisma and a desire for admiration.3: People influenced by the number 3 in their name numerology often possess high levels of creativity, enthusiasm, and sociability. They tend to excel in fields involving communication and expression, such as writing, art, or entertainment. They are outgoing, optimistic, and often attract a wide circle of friends. Relationships are typically of great importance to those influenced by 3, and they usually thrive in harmonious connections.9: Those with the number 9 as a significant part of their name numerology often exhibit a strong humanitarian nature, showing great empathy and compassion towards others. They have a deep desire to make a positive impact and may be drawn towards professions related to counseling, social work, or advocacy. These individuals often possess a wisdom beyond their years and are natural philanthropists.Combining these traits and tendencies associated with Jasur's name numerology, one might predict a future where he combines his assertiveness and leadership abilities (1) with his creativity and sociability (3) and applies them in service to others and making a positive impact (9). This could manifest in various areas, including entrepreneurship, leadership roles in creative endeavors, or involvement in charitable pursuits.It's important to note that numerology is not a science and should not be seen as a guaranteed predictor of an individual's future. It is merely a belief system that some people find intriguing and potentially insightful. The interpretation of Jasur's numer

What are meaning of the name Jasur in astrology?

Unfortunately, the name "Jasur" does not have a direct astrological meaning as it is not a recognized celestial entity or reference in astrological practices. Astrology typically looks at the positions and interactions of heavenly bodies, such as planets and stars, and their influences on individuals based on their birth charts or horoscopes. As such, unless "Jasur" is associated with a specific celestial event or reference in a particular astrological tradition, it would not have a specific meaning in astrology.