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List of Slavonic Baby Names Meanings View Other Origins

You have 81 origins to scan 1 million baby names. Find 4 unique names in our collection from Slavonic origin.
Get modern, unique names list for Slavonic below:

  • Danica - DAN-ih-kah
    Danica is Hebrew or Slavic, depending on where you search, and means "morning star" or "first star of the morning." From a Slavic word meaning morning star, Venus.
    Meaning: Morning star Origin: Slavonic
  • Danika
    Slavic Meaning: The name Danika is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Danika is: Morning star.
    Meaning: Morning star Origin: Slavonic
  • Vesna
    Vesna is a popular Slavic female name derived from the name of Vesna, an ancient Slavic goddess of spring. It means "spring" in some Slavic languages.
    Meaning: Spring, Resurrection Origin: Slavonic
  • Wanda
    Possibly from a Germanic name meaning "a Wend", referring to the Slavic people who inhabited eastern Germany. In Polish legends this was the name of the daughter of King Krak, the legendary founder of Krakow.
    Meaning: A sandhill Origin: Slavonic