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Hindu Names Meanings for Boys & Girls

  • Zobhana
    Name Zobhana generally means Brilliant, is of Indian origin, Name Zobhana is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Zobhana are mainly Hindu by religion. .
    Meaning: Brilliant, Origin: Hindi
  • Zoravar
    Zoravar is an Armenian name for boys meaning Powerful. Read below for Zoravar's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Zoravar is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Powerfull, Origin: Hindi
  • Zravasya
    Meaning: Fame, Glory, Origin: Hindi
  • Zrimat
    Meaning: Charming, Lovely, Pleasant, Splendid, Origin: Hindi
  • Zubhasamanvit
    Meaning: Endowed with beauty, Origin: Hindi
  • Zubhatmaka
    Meaning: Charming, Origin: Hindi
  • Zubin
    Zubin (Persian: زوبین‎‎) is a Persian male given name, which means short spear in Persian, literally meaning "something that touches the sky" in Sanskrit. The name originated in Iran, but is also used in nearby nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.
    Meaning: Mighty sword, A Man who touches the Sky, To honor, Origin: Hindi
  • Zubira
    Meaning: Pure as Spring, Origin: Hindi
  • Zueinah
    Meaning: Lucky Number, Stone, Metal, Colour, Origin: Hindi
  • Zukti
    Meaning: Idea, Origin: Hindi
  • Zunaid
    Zunaid Name meaning in Urdu is NULL, a Hindu Hindi Boy name with lucky number is -- and Zunaid Name meaning in English is .
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Zuri
    Zuri is a name used among African-Americans as a way of celebrating their heritage; Zuri is the Swahili name for “beautiful”. After consulting a Swahili dictionary, we also came upon other following definitions: good, nice, pretty, lovely, cute and attractive.
    Meaning: Beautiful, Origin: Hindi
  • Zutshi
    Zutshi is a surname used by the Kashmiri Pandit community. Notable people with the surname include: Geeta Zutshi (born 1969), Indian athlete.
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Zyana
    Zyana. Description: Blessing from Heaven. Origin: Hebrew. Gender: Zyana is normally a girls name.
    Meaning: Beautiful and radiant, Origin: Hindi
  • Zyanna
    A user from Nevada, United States says the name Zyanna is of English origin and means "Gift from god, a blessing from god".
    Meaning: Heart of light, Origin: Hindi
  • Zyanni
    Meaning: Bending light, Origin: Hindi
  • Zykaraya
    Meaning: Smart, Origin: Hindi