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Hindu Names Meanings for Boys & Girls - Starting with (C) ×

  • Cakranemi
    Meaning: The Periphery, Rim of a Wheel, Cycle, Origin: Hindi
  • Calama
    Hector Pumarino Soto suggests that "Calama" stems from the Kunza word "Ckara-ama," which means "town in the middle of the water". ... Emilio Vaïsse, meanwhile, says that Calama comes from the Kunza word "Ckolama," which means "place where partridges abound".
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Cali
    Greek Meaning: The name Cali is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Cali is: Most beautiful. , Mythological Arcadian who transformed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation.
    Meaning: Black, Origin: Indian
  • Camaksi
    Meaning: Goddess Name, Origin: Hindi
  • Camerina
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Cammy
    Origin of the name Camille: Derived from the Latin camilla (virgin of unblemished character). Var:Camilla, Camille, Kamilla, Kamille. Short: Cami, Camie, Kam, Kamie.
    Meaning: Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies, Origin: Hindi
  • Camunda
    Meaning: The Old Goddess, Origin: Hindi
  • Candalika
    Meaning: Goddess Durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Candamunda
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Candavata
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Candi
    The name Candi is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Candi is: Bright; glowing white.
    Meaning: Clarity, Whiteness, Form of Candace, Glowing, Bright, Origin: Hindi
  • Candika
    The different meanings of the name Candika are: Sanskrit meaning: Fierce Goddess. Indian meaning: Fierce Goddess.
    Meaning: Fierce Goddess, Origin: Hindi
  • Candogra
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Candra
    The name Candra is a Sanskrit baby name. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Candra is: Of the moon.
    Meaning: Luminescent, Moon, Origin: Hindi
  • Candradara
    Meaning: River on the Moon, Origin: Hindi
  • Candrakala
    Name Chandrakala generally means Moon beam, is of Sanskrit, Indian origin, Name Chandrakala is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Chandrakala are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Chandrakala belongs to rashi Mithun (Gemini), Meen (Pisces) with dominant planet Jupiter (Guru) and Nakshatra (stars) Revathi, Arudra.
    Meaning: Artwork Like Moon, Origin: Hindi
  • Candrali
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Candrama
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Candramasi
    Meaning: Like Moon, Origin: Hindi
  • Candrasita
    Meaning: Moon Light, Origin: Hindi
  • Capala
    The meaning of the name “Capala” is: “Swift; lightning”. Categories: Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Nature Names, Sanskrit Names, Unisex Names. Used in: Hindi speaking countries.
    Meaning: Swift, Lightning, Origin: Hindi
  • Carcika
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Carma
    Sanskrit Meaning: The name Carma is a Sanskrit baby name. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Carma is: Fate.
    Meaning: Garden or Field of Fruits, Song, Garden, Origin: Hindi
  • Carmem
    Carmen is a given name with two different origins. Its first root is Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, used as a nickname for Carmel and Carmelo (respectively), from Hebrew karmel, "God's vineyard." ... In English, the name is unisex; in Italian, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese it is generally female.
    Meaning: Garden, Origin: Hindi
  • Carsani
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Carudharar
    Meaning: Dimond Shape, Meet of River, Origin: Hindi
  • Caruvi
    Meaning: Instrument, Origin: Hindi
  • Catuskarni
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Catuspatha
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Cauveriranga
    Meaning: Lord ranganath, Origin: Hindi