Hindu Names Meanings for Boys & Girls Starting with (D) ×

  • Daakshi
    The meaning of the name “Dakshi” is: “Son of Daksa”.
    Meaning: Golden Origin: hindi
  • Daakshya
    Name Daakshya or (no variations) means Cleverness, Honesty, Brilliance, Efficient. ... A native of name Daakshya may be contended about present, but is like to cling to a long gone past.
    Meaning: Cleverness, Honesty, Brilliance, Efficient Origin: hindi
  • Daama
    Spanish Origin. "Lady" The meaning of the name Dama is Lady. The origin of the name Dama is Spanish. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.
    Meaning: Prosperous, Self-possessed, River, Ocean, River Origin: hindi
  • Daaman
    In Greek the meaning of the name Daman is: Gentle. To tame. A. In Greek legend Damon was a loyal friend of Pythias. Famous bearer in modern times: American author Damon Runyon.
    Meaning: Wreath, Rope, Girdle, Chaplet Origin: hindi
  • Daaminee
    Meaning: Lightning Origin: Hindi
  • Daamini
    Baby Name : Damini. Gender : Girl. Origin : Bengali, English, Hindu, Indian, Welsh. Damini Meaning: Lightning. Variant: Damini.
    Meaning: Lightning Origin: hindi
  • Daamodar
    Damodar (Sanskrit: दामोदर, IAST: Dāmodara, also spelled "Damodara" and "Damodarah") is the 367th Name of Vishnu from the Vishnu sahasranama. The various meanings of the name are given as follows: ... "One who is known through a mind which is purified (Udara) by means of self-control (dama)".
    Meaning: A Name of Krishna Origin: Hindi
  • Daanish
    The name Daanish is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Daanish is: Knowledge. Wisdom.
    Meaning: To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Wisdom, Learning, Science Origin: hindi
  • Daanveera
    Meaning: Charitable Origin: Hindi
  • Daarshik
    Daarshik is an Indian name for boys meaning Perceiver. Read below for Daarshik's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Daarshik is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Perceiver Origin: hindi
  • Daaruk
    Name Daaruk generally means Charioteer of lord Krishna or Tree, is of Indian origin, Name Daaruk is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Daaruk are mainly Hindu by religion. .
    Meaning: Charioteer of Krishna, Tree Origin: Hindi
  • Daarun
    Name Daarun generally means Hard Male Hindu, is of Indian origin, Name Daarun is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Daarun are mainly Hindu by religion. .
    Meaning: Strong Origin: Hindi
  • Daasharathi
    Intended meaning of Dasarathi: ... Dasarathi is an ancient word of Sanskrit origin, which means someone who belongs to the family of King Dashrath. Dasarathi also founds to be mentioned in the writings of lexicographers like Hemchandra and Halayudh in which they have called Lakshman (लक्ष्मण) Dasarathi.
    Meaning: Lord Rama Origin: hindi
  • Daav
    Meaning: Wild fire Origin: hindi
  • Daayini
    Meaning: Giver Origin: hindi
  • Dabeet
    Meaning: Warrior Origin: hindi
  • Dabhit
    Meaning: A Hermit Praised in the Vedas Origin: Hindi
  • Dabnshu
    Meaning: Origin: Hindi
  • Dadheechi
    Dadhyancha or Dadhyanga in Sanskrit is a conjunction of two words Dadhya (curd) + anch (parts), which means "body parts taking strength from Curd." The name Dadhichi is a deteriorated form of Dadhyanga or Dadhyancha, as pointed out by famous ancient Sanskrit scholar Panini in his work Ashtaadhyaai.
    Meaning: Divine Rishi Origin: Hindi
  • Dadhichi
    Dadhichi, also known as Dadhyancha or Dadhyanga, is a central character in Hinduism. Dadhichi is primarily known for sacrificing his life so the Devas, or benevolent Gods, could make the weapon called "vajra" from his bones.
    Meaning: Name of a sage Origin: hindi
  • Dadhija
    Meaning: Daughter of milk Origin: hindi
  • Dadhyan
    Meaning: Seller of Milk, One who Brings the Milk Origin: Hindi
  • Dadich
    Meaning: Donate Self Bone for Humanity Origin: Hindi
  • Dadipya
    Meaning: Shinning Origin: Hindi
  • Daevaki
    Indian Meaning: The name Devaki is an Indian baby name. In Indian the meaning of the name Devaki is: Black.
    Meaning: The Mother of Lord Krishna Origin: Hindi
  • Daeven
    Meaning: Little black one Origin: hindi
  • Daevi
    Hebrew Meaning: The name Devi is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Devi is: Bee. Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders.
    Meaning: Goddess, The Diety Origin: Hindi
  • Daevika
    Sanskrit Meaning: The name Devika is a Sanskrit baby name. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Devika is: Little goddess.
    Meaning: Minor Deity, Goddess Origin: Hindi
  • Daga
    Given Name DAGA. GENDER: Feminine. USAGE: Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare) PRONOUNCED: DAH-gah. CONTRIBUTOR: Beautiful Victory on 10/27/2009.
    Meaning: Camel Origin: Hindi
  • Dagadu
    Dagadu name brief: Dagadu is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Dagadu name meanings is A Name of Rock. Dagadu is written in Hindi as दगडू.
    Meaning: A Name of Rock Origin: Hindi