Muslim Names Meanings for Unisex

  • Aafaaq
    Afaq is a Muslim Boy name which originates from the Arabic language. ... Urdu names meaning dictionary for Muslim boys, and Muslim girls, Muslim baby name like Afaq and others. A complete English names dictionary, a complete Arabic and Islamic name encyclopedia for new born babies.
    Meaning: Horizons Origin: Arabic
  • Ainan
    Meaning of First Name of: Ainan. As Ainan, you are spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, and you enjoy the company of others--the more the mer... ... Your name of Ainan has made you a very kind, thoughtful, and sociable person. Because of your friendly and diplomatic qualities, you make friends easily.
    Meaning: Two eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain Origin: Arabic
  • Anoum
    The name Anum is an African baby name. In African the meaning of the name Anum is: Ghanian name given to the fifth born child.
    Meaning: God's blessings Origin: Arabic
  • Aqtar
    Akhtar Name Meaning. Muslim: from the Persian personal name Akhtar 'star', 'good luck'. Akhtar is used in combination with other words, for example Akhtar-ud-Din 'star of religion (i.e. Islam)'. The name is found in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as well as Iran.
    Meaning: Regions Origin: Arabic
  • Ariz
    The meaning of the name “Aariz” is: “Rain-bearing cloud; Respectable man; Intelligent; Leader; ruler; leader of nation”. Categories: Arabic Names, Muslim Names. Used in: Arabic speaking countries, Hindi speaking countries.
    Meaning: Clouds Origin: Arabic
  • Asaal
    Asaal Name Meaning and History. Asaal is a Muslim Boy name. Acording to Numerology Predictions 3 is Lucky number for name Asaal. People believes to have their Lucky Days according to their names, Sunday, Tuesday are Favourable and Lucky Days for name Asaal and lucky metals are Copper for name Asaal.
    Meaning: Evenings Origin: Arabic
  • Asbab
    Asbāb is the plural of the Arabic word sabab, which means "cause", "reason", or "occasion", and nuzūl is the verbal noun of the verb root nzl, literally meaning "to descend" or "to send down", and thus (metaphorically) "to reveal", referring Allah sending down a revelation to his prophets.
    Meaning: Means, causes, factors Origin: Arabic
  • Atwar
    Meaning: Shapes and forms, states, phases, stages Origin: Arabic
  • Awfa
    Meaning: Most faithful, more fulfilling, more complete Origin: Arabic
  • Awtad
    Meaning: Stakes, poles, pillars Origin: Arabic
  • Bakka
    Bakkah (Arabic: بكة‎‎) is an ancient name for Mecca, the most holy city of Islam. ... The Arabic verb bakka (بكَّ), with double "k", means to crowd like in a bazaar.
    Meaning: Another name for Mecca Origin: Arabic
  • Barzakh
    Barzakh (Arabic: برزخ, from Persian barzakh, "barrier, partition") is an Arabic word meaning "obstacle", "hindrance", "separation", or "barrier".
    Meaning: Interval, divider, partition Origin: Arabic
  • Bisat
    Meaning: Carpet, floor covering, spread, expanse Origin: Arabic
  • Cheydan
    According to a user from Ohio, United States, the name Chayden is of American origin and means "American Indian".
    Meaning: Peaceful, patient Origin: Pashto
  • Fusilat
    Meaning: Detailed, elaborate, well explained Origin: Arabic
  • Ghurub
    Maghreb is an Arabic term literally meaning “place of setting (of the sun)”, and hence “West.” It derives from the root ghuroob, meaning “to set” or “to be hidden” (however, it is not used to refer to the setting of the moon).
    Meaning: Sunset Origin: Arabic
  • Gorkem
    Meaning: Magnificant pronounce grr-kem Origin: Turkish
  • Hunafa
    Hunafa name brief: Hunafa is baby unisex name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Hunafa name meanings is Ones who are devoted to God, ones who believe in God's .
    Meaning: Ones who are devoted to God, ones who believe in God's Origin: Arabic
  • Istighfar
    Istighfar (Arabic: استغفار‎‎ istiġfār), also Astaghfirullah (Arabic: أستغفر الله‎‎ ʾastaġfiru l-lāh) is the act of seeking forgiveness from Allah. This act is generally done by repeating the Arabic words astaghfirullah, meaning "I seek forgiveness from "Allah".
    Meaning: To ask for forgiveness from God Origin: Arabic
  • Kiral
    The meaning of the name “Kiral” is: “Supreme Chief”. Categories: Muslim Names, Turkish Names, Unisex Names.
    Meaning: Supreme chief Origin: Turkish
  • Madad
    Meaning: Aid, assistance Origin: Arabic
  • Mafaz
    Mafaz is baby unisex name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Mafaz name meanings is Success, safety. People search this name as Mafaz, Mafaza, Mafazza. Mafaz is written in Arabic as مفاز.
    Meaning: Success, safety Origin: Arabic
  • Maghrib
    The Maghreb (المغرب العربي al-Maġrib al-ʿArabī; also rendered Maghrib (or rarely Moghreb), meaning "place of set" or " western" in Arabic, is the region of Africa north of the Sahara Desert and west of the Nile — specifically, coinciding with the Atlas Mountains.
    Meaning: West, sunset Origin: Arabic
  • Malja
    Malja is baby unisex name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Malja name meanings is Shelter, refuge.
    Meaning: Shelter, refuge Origin: Arabic
  • Manazil
    Manazil name brief: Manazil is baby unisex name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Manazil name meanings is Phases of the moon.
    Meaning: Phases of the moon Origin: Arabic
  • Mashariq
    Meaning: Sunrises Origin: Arabic
  • Mawazin
    Mawazine (Arabic: موازين‎, translit. mawāzīn, meaning "rhythms") is a Moroccan International music festival held annually in Rabat, Morocco, featuring many international and local music artists.
    Meaning: Balances, scales Origin: Arabic
  • Midad
    Greek Meaning: The name Midas is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Midas is: Turned everything he touched to gold.
    Meaning: Ink, fountain pen Origin: Arabic
  • Mihad
    Mihad is baby unisex name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Mihad name meanings is Flat land, plain.
    Meaning: Flat land, plain Origin: Arabic
  • Mirsad
    Meaning unknown, possibly derived from Arabic meaning "watchtower" or Persian meaning "ambush".
    Meaning: Ambush, watch, observation Origin: Arabic