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Shannon ("wise river") is an Irish name, Anglicised from Sionainn. Alternative spellings include Shannen, Shanon, Shannan, Seanan, and Siannon. The variant Shanna is an Anglicisation of Sionna ("possessor of wisdom").


Meaning: Having ancient wisdom, river name

Shannon name meaning and details.

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What is the meaning of Shannon ?

Shannon is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Hebrew. Shannon name meanings is Having ancient wisdom, river name.
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Other similar sounding names can be Shannen, Shanon.

Answers for the most frequently asked questions about name Shannon

What does Shannon name mean?

Shannon is one of the most loved baby unisex name, its meaning is having ancient wisdom, river name, . the shannon is ireland's longest river. an english name from the shannon river in ireland, which means "wise river" from the gaelic sean, meaning "wise" and abhann, meaning "river"..

What is the religion of the name Shannon?

The people with name Shannon are mostly known as Christian.

What is the origin of the name Shannon?

Most of the christian names are orginated from Hebrew origin.

Is the name Shannon difficult to pronounce?

Shannon name has 7 letter and 1 word and it average name but still not very hard to pronounce.

Is Shannon name is short?

No! Shannon is an average length name.

Shannon Name Combinations.

You probably have google this question: My baby name is Shannon and how can I combine the name Shannon with other names and create unique & new name? We tried to suggest Shannon name combinations. You can see how it looks the name Shannon as first name or Shannon as last name. You can combine the middle name for Shannon and create a unique name.

Shannon as First Name
  • Name
    Popularity %
  • Shannon Smith
  • Shannon Jones
  • Shannon Johnson
  • Shannon Williams
  • Shannon Brown
  • Shannon Moore
  • Shannon Wilson
  • Shannon Davis
  • Shannon Taylor
  • Shannon Scott
  • Shannon Anderson
  • Shannon Brooks
  • Shannon Robinson
Shannon as Last Name
  • Name
    Popularity %
  • James Shannon
  • John Shannon
  • William Shannon
  • Mary Shannon
  • Robert Shannon
  • Charles Shannon
  • Margaret Shannon
  • Thomas Shannon
  • George Shannon
  • Edward Shannon
  • Helen Shannon
  • Joseph Shannon
  • Richard Shannon
  • Dorothy Shannon
  • Elizabeth Shannon
  • Michael Shannon
  • Frank Shannon
  • Donald Shannon
  • Ruth Shannon
  • Anna Shannon

Shannon Ethnicity Distribution.

  • Ethnicity
  • White
  • African American
  • Asian, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander
  • American Indian and Alaska Native
  • Two or More Ethnicities
  • Hispanic or Latino

Facts About Famouse People with Name Shannon

Exploring Shannon's Personality

Shannon has the numerology 4. These people are always trying new things and that is why they are known to be struggling against all the limits that are put in front of them. They do not let anything stop them and they literally fight with everything that comes their way.

The people with numerology 4 are one of a kind because they are very different from normal people. The gender of this name Shannon is Unisex. They are the ones who know the value of foundation. They are also very kind with their services and they generally like to help people.

They also do not believe in jumping to the top and coming down quickly rather they believe in steady growth in every aspect. The meaning of this beautiful name is Having ancient wisdom, river name. The religion is christian. These are the people who are more prone towards slow growth but the steady one rather than immediately reaching the top and coming to bottom the very next day.

Popular personalities with Shannon Name.

Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is an actor, model (people), entrepreneurship, author, actress, model, and entrepreneur. She has been prominent since 2009. Shay was given the name Shannon Ashley Mitchell on April 10th, 1987 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Shannon Briggs
Shannon Briggs

Shannon Briggs is a boxer. Shannon was born on December 4th, 1971 in New York, United States.

Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is an actress and model. She was most prominent from 1996 to present. Shannon was given the name Shannon Elizabeth Fadal in Houston.

Shannon Woodward
Shannon Woodward

Shannon Woodward is an actress. She was most active from 1991 to present. Shannon was given the name Shannon Marie Woodward on December 17th, 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee is an actor. She has had major accomplishments since 1993.

Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon is an actress, dancer, model, and musician. She was most prominent from 1995 to present. Shannyn was given the name Shannon Marie Kahololani Sossamon on October 3rd, 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon is an actor and musician. He was most active from 1991 to present. Michael was given the name Michael Corbett Shannon on August 7th, 1974 in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.

Claude Shannon
Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon was a scientist in the fields of mathematics and electronic engineering. Claude was born on April 30th, 1916 in Petoskey, Michigan, U.S. He died on April 30th, 1916.

Molly Shannon
Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon is a comedian. Molly was given the name Molly Helen Shannon on September 16th, 1964 in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Del Shannon
Del Shannon

Del Shannon was a rock music and country music singer-songwriter. He plays Guitar and Vocals. He was most prominent from 1958 to 1990. Del was given the name Charles Weedon Westover on December 30th, 1934 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. Del is also known as Charlie Johnson. He passed away on February 8th, 1990.


Shannon is a singing, actor, singer, and actress. Shannon was given the name Shannon Williams Lees on May 26th, 1998 in London.

Kristina And Karissa Shannon
Kristina And Karissa Shannon

Kristina was born on October 2nd, 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

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