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A common Muslim name, though its origin predates Islam. Possibly of Persian origin meaning, "a walking thunderstorm," "sand storm," or "walking quickly" Famous real-life people named Sufyan: | Edit. Abu Sufyan ibn Harith was a companion and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers upon him).

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Sufyan name meaning and details.

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Write Sufyan in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla
(Sufyan pronunciation in different languages)

Urdu: سفیان
Hindi: सुफ़यान
Arabic: سفيان
Bangla: সুফয়ান

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What is the meaning of Sufyan ?

Sufyan is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Sufyan name meanings is Old Arabic name.
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Sufyan is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as سفیان, सुफ़यान, سفيان, সুফয়ান. Other similar sounding names can be Sufi, Sufian, Sufyaan, Sufia, Sufiya.

Answers for the most frequently asked questions about name Sufyan

What does Sufyan name mean?

Sufyan is one of the most loved baby boy name, its meaning is old arabic name, نہایت چمکیلا.

How to write Sufyan in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla?

Well, Sufyan can be written in various beautiful fonts in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as سفیان, सुफ़यान, سفيان, সুফয়ান.

What is the religion of the name Sufyan?

The people with name Sufyan are mostly known as Muslim.

What is the origin of the name Sufyan?

Most of the muslim names are orginated from Arabic origin.

Is the name Sufyan difficult to pronounce?

Sufyan name has 6 letter and 1 word and it average name but still not very hard to pronounce.

Is Sufyan name is short?

No! Sufyan is an average length name.

Each letter meanings in Sufyan Name.

  • S Strength, there when needed.
  • U Useful, always to others.
  • F Festive, the youth of your spirit.
  • Y Young, the years never show!
  • A Adorable, how precious
  • N Name, a pleasant one indeed.

Popular personalities with Sufyan Name.

Sufyan ath-Thawri ibn Said
Sufyan Ath-Thawri Ibn Said

Sufyan ath-Thawri ibn Said was a philosopher. Sufyan was born in 716. He passed away in 161.

Sufyan Gulam Ismail
Sufyan Gulam Ismail

He holds the title YPhilanthropist and Entrepreneur'. Sufyan was born on September 2nd, 1975 in Bolton.

Sufyan Mehmood
Sufyan Mehmood

Sufyan was born on October 21st, 1991.

Sufyan Munir
Sufyan Munir

Sufyan was born on July 3rd, 1980 in Gujrat, Pakistan.

Sufyan Ibn `Uyaynah
Sufyan Ibn `Uyaynah

Sufyan was born in 725. He died on February 25th, 0815.

Ramla Bint Abi Sufyan
Ramla Bint Abi Sufyan

Ramla was born in 594. She left this life in 664.

YazYd bin AbY SufyYn
YazYd Bin AbY SufyYn

Boy Names with Same Meanings with Sufyan

What are similar sounding Muslim Boy names with Sufyan

Calculate Numerology for Sufyan

# Ltr index Letter in Name Position of Letter
0 S 3
1 U 6
2 F 8
3 Y 1
4 A 1
5 N 5
Numerology of name Sufyan 6 (subtotal of 24)

Discovering Personality Type of Sufyan

Sufyan has the numerology 6. The gender of this name Sufyan is Boy. These people are very good at keeping a nice balance between everything. They do not really over do anything rather they know how do they need to keep limits in everything.

Those who have numerology 6 are thought to be one of the most mature people because they are extremely responsible for their things and they are also very protective of the people around them. The religion is Muslim.

The meaning of this name is Old Arabic name.These are people who believe that they can only move forward in their lives if they have sympathy in their hearts and that is how they believe in nurturing. They are known to be the most sympathetic and kind towards the people around them no matter if they know them personally or not.

What we know about Sufyan

After the birth of a baby, one thing that all the parents necessarily have to do is choose a name for their little one. This is definitely a hard job but is also worth it because this is surely one big decision. If you are looking for a good name right now then you are at the right place because we are going to be discussing one of such names which is Sufyan. The name Sufyan has been here for a very long time now and people actually love choosing this name for their baby boys.

The name Sufyan even looks like a name that has come from Islamic origin but surprisingly it is not the place where it comes from because it comes from Persian origin. Despite that, we cannot look away from the fact that Sufyan was the name of one of the companions of our Holy Prophet PBUH. He was one of the closest companions of the Holy prophet so many people choose this name for their kids.

Sufyan is the name that means someone who is bright and someone who is clear as crystal. The meaning of Sufyan in Hindi can also be used even though it is an Islamic name. This name has such a beautiful meaning so you can surely choose this name.

Sufyan is the name that comes under the category of names that are hard to pronounce because it is a long name and it consists of 6 letters and is also a single word. Coming to the popularity of this name, it is a very popular name also because it is a common name and you will surely get to hear a lot about it too. Sufyan meaning in Quran is also crystal.

The lucky number for the name Sufyan is 3 and the numerology for this name is 6. The numerology of this name says that this person is someone who can keep a great balance between everything be it their personal life or their professional life. They also never go the extra for everything because they know what limitations they need to put when it comes to everything in their life. They are also known to be the keepers.


Impacts on the personality:

The name Sufyan surely brings about so much positivity in the person just as we have seen above. These people are very easygoing and also make the people around them very easy too. If you choose this name you also need to know these people are carefree which might bring some problems in their life too.



Q: What kind of name is Sufyan?

Ans. Sufyan is an Islamic name and is also considered to be a good name.

Q: Is Sufyan an Arabic name or not?

Ans. Yes, Sufyan is an Arabic name despite the fact that it comes of Persian origin.

Q: What does the name Sufyan mean?

Ans. The name Sufyan actually means clear and bright.

Q: Who actually Abu Sufyan was?

Ans. Abu Sufyan was one of the companions of our Holy Prophet PBUH.

Q: Is Sufyan a Quranic name or not?

Ans. Yes, Sufyan is a Quranic name and in Quran, it comes with two meanings that are bright and clear.

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