List of Names with "Advice" in Meaning

A collection of baby names with meaning of advice. We found in our database 9 names have the similar meanings. If you want to hold this word 'Advice' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the alternative in the list given below:

  • Ibrah
    Ibrah is a Muslim Girl name, it is an Urdu originated name. Ibrah is a unique name with impressive meaning. It belongs to Arabic origin. You can find name meaning of Ibrah in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well. Names similar to Ibrah are also listed here.
    Meaning: Wisdom, Advice, Origin: Arabic
  • Naasihah
    Meaning: An advisor, counselor, a faithful minister, Advice, Origin: Arabic
  • Ratinderpal
    Meaning: Advice, Origin: Hindi
  • Upadesh
    Baby Name : Updesh. Gender : boy. Origin : Indian, Punjabi, Sikh. Updesh Meaning: Gain; Knowledge; One who Preaches; Teaching. Variant: no variations.
    Meaning: Advice, Origin: Hindi
  • Mantrana
    Man-tra-na, ma-ntr-ana ] The baby girl name Mantrana is pronounced as MAE-NTRah-Naa- †. Mantrana's language of origin is Sanskrit and it is predominantly used in the Indian language. The name is of the meaning 'counsel'. ... See also the related categories, sanskrit and indian. Mantrana is an unusual baby name for girls.
    Meaning: Advice, Thought, Origin: Hindi
  • Rhett
    The name Rhett is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Rhett is: Form of Rhys: ardent; fiery. Rhett Butler was hero of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind.
    Meaning: Advice, Origin: English
  • Farakhsyed
    Meaning: Advice, Origin: Arabic
  • Ramon
    Origin of the name Ramon: Spanish cognate of Raymond, from the Old Norman French Raimund (wise protection), which is derived from the Germanic Raginmund, a compound name composed of the elements ragin (advice, judgment, counsel) and mund (hand, protection).
    Meaning: Wisely, Advice, Decision Protection, Counselor-protector, Mighty Protector, Origin: Hindi
  • Rhetta
    Rhetta [rhet-ta] as a girls' name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Rhetta is "speaker". From the same root as "rhetoric". Feminine of Rhett.
    Meaning: Advice, Origin: English