List of Names with "Wise" in Meaning

A collection of baby names with meaning of wise. We found in our database 191 names have the similar meanings. If you want to hold this word 'Wise' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the alternative in the list given below:

  • Buddhadev
    Name Buddhadev generally means Wise person or Gautam Buddha, is of Indian origin, Name Buddhadev is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Buddhadev are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Buddhadev belongs to rashi Vrushabh (Taurus) .
    Meaning: Wise person, Origin: Hindi
  • Ekayavan
    Meaning: The wise one, Origin: Hindi
  • Renaud
    The French Renaud surname comes from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements "ragin," meaning "counsel" and "wald," or "rule."
    Meaning: Wise power, Origin: Hindi
  • Abhigna
    Abhigna Girl's name meaning, origin, and popularity.
    Meaning: Knowledgeable, Wise one, Origin: Hindi
  • Abhignya
    Abhignya. Meaning of the name Abhignya. Origin of the name Abhignya.
    Meaning: Knowledgeable, Wise one, Origin: Hindi
  • Loukya
    Meaning of the name Loukya is 'Worldly Wise, Goddess Lakshmi'. Loukya is a name of Hindu / Indian origin, and is commonly used for females. The name number for Loukya is '4'.
    Meaning: Worldly wise, Goddess Lakshmi, Origin: Hindi
  • Maitrayee
    Maitreyi ("friendly one") was a Hindu philosopher who lived during the later Vedic period in ancient India. She is mentioned in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad as one of two wives of the Vedic sage Yajnavalkya; he is estimated to have lived around the 8th century BCE.
    Meaning: Wise woman, Origin: Hindi
  • Pragyawati
    Meaning: A wise woman, Origin: Hindi
  • Adli
    Adli or Adly is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include: Surname: Habib Ibrahim El Adly, Egyptian politician.
    Meaning: Just, Wise, Judicial, juridical, Pertaining to justice, Origin: Arabic
  • Akeem - ah-KEEM
    Akeem is a name of Arabic origin, being a variation of Hakeem, and commonly used in Africa and amongst the African diaspora.
    Meaning: Wise, Intelligent, Origin: Arabic
  • Aqeel
    Aqeel (Arabic: عَقِيْل) is an Arabic male given name, which means "knowledgeable", "intelligent", or "wise". An alternative spelling is Aqil.
    Meaning: Wise, Intelligent, Origin: Arabic
  • Aqil
    Aqeel (Arabic: عَقِيْل) is an Arabic male given name, which means "knowledgeable", "intelligent", or "wise". An alternative spelling is Aqil.
    Meaning: Old Arabic name, Intelligent, Clever, Educated, Wise, sensible, Origin: Arabic
  • Areeb
    Go back to names list. Areeb is an Arabic boy's name meaning 'helpful' or 'skilful'.
    Meaning: Wise, Intelligent, Bright, Brilliant, Clever, Skillful, Adroit, Origin: Arabic
  • Aref
    Arif (also spelled Aref in Persian, Arabic: عارف‎‎ or Arief in Indonesian) is a common male given name in various Muslim countries, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey.
    Meaning: Wise, Intelligent, acquainted, Knowledgeable, Origin: Arabic
  • Arib
    Arib is a Muslim Boy name which originates from the Arabic language. Acording to Numerology Predictions 4 is Lucky number for name Arib. Every names has a meaning and Arib name meaning in english are strong, powerful.
  • Ashar
    The name Ashar is a baby boy name. The name Ashar comes from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Ashar is: One who has wisdom.
    Meaning: Wise, prudent, One who has wisdom, Origin: Arabic
  • Baaqir
    The name Baaqir. Baqeer is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Baaqir. Baqeer is: Deeply learned.
    Meaning: Deeply learned, Genius, Wise, Intelligent, Clever, Origin: Arabic
  • Baasir
    Turkish Meaning: The name Basir is a Turkish baby name. In Turkish the meaning of the name Basir is: Intelligent.
    Meaning: Seeing, Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Daanaa
    In Hebrew, the name Dana means "arbiter" or "God is my judge". In Sanskrit and Pali, the word means "generosity". In Romanian, it is a feminine name, derived from the name Daniela; the Romanian masculine form being Dan/Daniel.
    Meaning: Wise, Learned, Origin: Arabic
  • Daarii
    Gender: Female Origin of Dari: Variation of Dara or Darius Meaning of Dara: Hebrew or Irish, "pearl of wisdom, or oak tree"
    Meaning: Knows, Religious, Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Darrak
    Darrak is a Muslim Boy name, it is an Arabic originated name.
    Meaning: Prudent, Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Farhad
    Farhad (Persian: فرهاد‎‎), from Middle Persian Farhād), has been a Persian name for men since the Parthians, first recorded for Arsacid kings circa 170 BC. A few famous people with this name : Farkhad Akhmedov, Russian businessman of Azerbaijani origin.
    Meaning: Wise, Happiness, A character in Shahnameh, Origin: Arabic
  • Haddaq
    The name Haddad is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Haddad is: Smith.
    Meaning: Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Hakeem
    The name Hakeem is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Hakeem is: Wise.
    Meaning: Wise, sage, judicious, prudent, Origin: Arabic
  • Hakiim
    The name Hakeem is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Hakeem is: Wise.
    Meaning: Intelligent, Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Hakim - hah-KEEM
    Hakim Name Meaning. Muslim: from a personal name based on Arabic hakim 'learned', 'wise'. Al-Hakim 'the All-Wise' is an attribute of Allah. It may also be a status name from the Arabic noun hakim 'governor', 'judge', 'scholar' or Persian haekim 'wise man', 'philosopher', or 'physician'.
    Meaning: Judge, Ruler, governor, Leader, Chief, Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Hasif
    Hasif is a Muslim baby Boy name, it is an Arabic originated name. Hasif name meaning is Firm, Judicious, Steady and the lucky number associated with Hasif is 8.
    Meaning: Judicious, Wise, prudent, sagacious, Origin: Arabic
  • Hilmi
    Hilmi is a Muslim name for boys meaning Patient, Tolerant, Gentle, calm, Lenient. Read below for Hilmi's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Hilmi is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Gentle, Calm, Patient, tolerant, lenient, Origin: Arabic
  • Hoshmand
    Meaning: Wise, Origin: Arabic
  • Hoshyar
    Meaning of First Name of: Hoshyar. ... The name of Hoshyar causes you to be systematic, technical, and attentive to detail.
    Meaning: Wise, Origin: Arabic